Make Your Own Tracker: Get Organized with a Handmade Task List Template

Make your own tracker and successfully complete multiple projects as they are due with this handy PDF desk set.  When you don’t have the luxury of a project management team, extreme organization is a must! 

Use this downloadable task list template to make your own tracker. It will keep track of accounting projects, crafting projects, marketing projects, or any other projects that come your way.  The Project Tracker task list template comes with a section for project description, steps to complete, plus start and due dates.  The note set comes with lines a-plenty for all of your note-taking needs!

Just follow the steps below to make your own tracker.


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  • Printer paper
  • chipboard or cereal box cardboard
  • paper clips, binder clip
  • white glue
  • scrap chipboard

Step 1.  Download the Project Tracker and Desk Notes PDFs. Make sure your printer is set to “borderless” and print 4 or more sheets of each.

Step 2.  Cut sheets according to printed cut guides.  Cut a sheet of chipboard or cereal box cardboard to the same size (approximately 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”).

Step 3.  Line up top edges of the Project Tracker with the top edge of the chipboard.  Place scrap chipboard in front and paperclip all sheets together. Make sure the top edges of the Project Tracker and the chipboard are still aligned.

Step 4.  Use your fingers to press the center of the packet together and apply a generous amount of glue to the top edge of the papers and chipboard.  Use your index finger to even out the glue.  Scrape off any glue that has oozed onto the front or back of the packet.

Step 5.  Place a binder clip over the top of the packet, at the center.  Make sure that the scrap chipboard is underneath the binder clip.  Let dry.  Now grab a pen and start tracking those projects!

Download Project Tracker PDF

Download Desk Pad PDF

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