Using a Custom URL

Every IndieMade site comes with an IndieMade URL, such as But if you own your own URL, such as, and if you are at the standard plan or higher, you can use that domain instead. These instructions explain how to configure your domain so that people will see only your URL in their browsers when visiting your site.

What if I don't own my custom domain yet?

You'll need to purchase your domain, from one of the many domain registrars, before you start. Many of our customers use GoDaddy, because it's cheap and because we have good instructions on how to follow these steps, but nearly any registrar will do.

What do I do?

  1. Make sure your custom url ( is correct by visiting your account page. If it is not correct, change it using the "Edit site details" link.
  2. Add a CNAME with your DNS host (this is usually your domain registrar), using that host's control panel. The CNAME record is for www to
  3. Set up a "domain forward" or "domain redirect" from your base domain ( to the web domain (www.
  4. Wait patiently. It normally takes no more than an hour, but it can take a few days for the new domain mapping to propagate out. In the meantime you can continue to use your normal site URL,

How Do I Know if it Worked?

First, wait a few minutes for your changes to take effect. Then visit your account page on IndieMade and look for a problem notification under your site name. If you've made a mistake in setting up your custom URL, you will see a link that looks like this:

Custom URL Warning

Click on Get help for specific instructions on how to fix it.

If your account pages don't have the warning message This custom URL is not configured properly but it's still not working for you, close out all your browsers and open them again, to make sure you're starting from scratch. Type into the browser's location bar and push enter. The text should be replaced with www., and as you click around your site, the name of the page you're looking at should appear in the location bar. 

If you see in the location bar, or if it always reads only www. no matter what page you're looking at, then you didn't do it correctly. 

Help I'm Stuck!

Contact support and ask for help. We have helped hundreds of people get their domains set up for IndieMade. We can help you too.

A Final Step

Once your changes have taken effect, and your custom URL is pointing at your IndieMade site, you'll want to take one more step: change your default base URL in your dashboard. Log in, navigate to Website > Promote, and type in your custom URL. When your IndieMade site notifies Google and Bing of changes in your site, it'll use your custom URL.

Popular DNS Hosts' CNAME Instructions

Although the four basic steps are the same, each DNS host is different. We have collected instructions for many popular hosts below. If your host isn't listed here, you may have to contact their customer support for help.


Jennifer Hawkins

Omg!! This may not be the place to put it. But ~ fist pump ~ my custom URL worked, first time. So very happy, from the very on tech savvy person. Thanks for brilliant instructions and an awesome website builder. :-D

Wendy Darling

I thought that when we signed up with indie made we would get a custom url through indie this incorrect?

Axel McCarthy

IndieMade supports custom URLs, but you need to register your domain yourself. This is for two reasons:

First, lots of companies offer domain registration already, well and inexpensively. We want to concentrate on what makes us special: making easy-to-update, beautiful websites for artists.

Second, this is in our customers' best interest: if you are a professional, you should be the captain of your own ship, and you should own your domain. We hope you stay with IndieMade a long time -- but if for some reason you decide it's not for you, you should be able to switch vendors and not lose your URL. We want our customers to stay with us because we offer a great service at a great price, not because they're locked in.


Thank you so much for helping me figure out how to change my records in whois. I appreciate the VERY quick responses I received from both Darlene & Axel. Kudos to them for their help!


Can I have more than one custom URL go to my Indiemade site? If so, do I follow the same directions as for setting up a single custom URL? Thanks!

Axel McCarthy

Sherri, you can have only one "official" custom URL. If you want to use others, too, you should simply redirect them to your official one. This is best for search engine optimization (so you don't get penalized for "duplicate" content) and is required for login cookies to work.


Trying to "move" my website (my own domain/url) from where it is now to IndieMade.  Technical Details: Registrar: GoDaddy :: Site Platform: Weebly :: Hosting Co: HostMonster

I was expecting to go into the Nameservers on GoDaddy and point them away from HostMonster towards IndieMade.  But that's not what you are telling me to do (best as I can tell).  What you seem to want is to forward my site to yours.  Am I right in assuming therefore that I have to maintain a hosting account for my url somewhere other than IndieMade.  If so, would it be easier to move my hosting from HostMonster to GoDaddy because you have those instructions nicely illustrated?  I'm assuming you have no live chat ot phone support.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Ali Hilard

Judi, you don't need to maintain a hosting accout anywhere. However, we don't do domain registration, so you do need to pay GoDaddy or some other registrar $10 or $12 a year for that. Just make the changes to your DNS as shown. You can find instructions specific to you in your account pages.

We don't offer live chat or phone support -- but you can open a support ticket whenever you like and we will help you as best we can. :-)



Hi, I'm ready to dive in, but I'm a bit dense on this point.  I've checked out the web sites of several registrars, like GoDaddy and others, but they all seem to offer Hosting/  Are you saying that I should just purchase the URL thru them, and ignore their hosting services?  Thanks.


I bought my domain name from, followed your instructions and this is what I get when I click on my site 

Says,Site Off Line then it has OOPS on the page with this "

Were you expecting to see your site here? If so, your account is not properly configured for your custom URL.

Read the documentation on setting up custom URLs, visit your account to make sure the custom URL is correct, or contact support for help."

I don't know what else to do. 

Erica Byars

I talked to godaddy via live chat, they checked to see if I did everything correctly. Everything is all correct on their end. They said something is wrong on this end. I entered everything correctly and still don't know what to do. I have the green check mark on Registration and on the Domain Redirect part. Its the CNAME part that is giving me an issue. Which when I click on my link, it directs me right to the OOPS page. 

Erica Byars

Thank you so much Ali. I can't believe I messed that part up. Its working now. Thanks again


Hello, if I start out with your  basic plan with an indiemade url, can I later upgrade to one of your other plans with my own url.  Thanks.

Axel McCarthy

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you like. You can add a custom URL later -- or change the custom URL to something else. 

Rachelle W.

Thank you Axel for being there so quickly to help, you are awesome!


Brendan Hopper

Hi, having problems doing this even after getting help from my domain host - Dreamhost. I am now getting 2 green ticks but not 3 when trying to configure my URL. This one is the problem and I dont understand it : CNAME for www points to

Fix this problem: Add a CNAME record for your domain from www to

? Its like moonspeak to me.

Chris P. Bugni

Sorry for the moonspeak Brendan! But look carefully: you put in an extra .com by accident. The CNAME you set up is That first .com shouldn't be there, it should just be

Catherine Agnew

hi, I'm showing an error that says is not redirected anywhere. The fix is have redirect to I'm not sure how to do that or what the problem actually is, my site has been working fine. Please advise.




Jessica Horvath

Hi Catherine -- I'll be happy to walk you through it, but I'm going to move your issue over to our ticketing system and get you squared away there.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime :)


Linda Canfield-Stage

I have HostGator for my domain.  I have done the redirect but I don't understand the CName thing AT ALL ( Imust be a computer dummy on this one).  My phone is my WiFi, so I can't talk and do at the same time.  Now if you have a chat function, that might work.  But if not, I can give you my login info if needed.

Jessica Horvath

Hi Linda - Thanks for your comment. I'm sorry you're having difficulty with setting up your domain.

Hostgator has documentation that might help you add your CNAME record.

Here's the link to their instructions:

If you're still stuck, please send an email to and we'll be happy to walk you through it.

Take care,


Colette McKenna


Just reading up on how to change my URL and I don't know what a CNAME means or DNS so it's a bit difficult to know what I'm doing when I don't understand it the jargon!!  I'm a goof sorry!

Jennifer Robinson

On Step 1 ... In my Account Page ... do I add "" or "" in the custom url spot?  (Obviously, replacing with my actual url ... I'm just trying to figure out if I need to added the www. or not)

Rana Price

I am trying to add the CNAME record to my domains DNS but I did not use godaddy to get my Domain, I used google apps. Can anyone find instructions on how to add the CNAME using google apps?

Nathalie Picard

I don't know if my setting are ok. can't find Indian Time Arts in google search bar? 

also is it normal that a recorded message on the phone is asking me to confirm my business with google or I will be deleted from google?

Thank Nathalie Picard

Dayna Greenwood

Hi, I've disconnected my domain name from Etsy, following their instructions.  I've tried CNAME ,But  not working.  Not sure what to do next.  Thanks, 


Hi Dayna,

Do you mean this url -- it's working correctly:

You'll want to ask your domain registrar to setup the following:

  • add CNAME / www setting pointing to
  • add forwarding / redirect from to


Barbara Bennett Snyder

It says it is not configured right and also not secure which means SSL is not working. Do I need a Separate SSL Certificate?

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